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5 Excuses to Skydive

Skydiving in New Zealand is one of the most exhilarating, memorable experiences you can have, and Skydive Abel Tasman is the best place to do it. But so many of us keep putting off experiences like this, forever waiting for the right reason to bite the bullet and make it happen. Or maybe you’ve done skydiving before and you’re looking for an excuse to do it again? We’re really good at making excuses not to do things. So we’ve taken it upon ourselves to concoct this helpful list of excuses to skydive.

Think of it as a gentle nudge towards what could very well be the best day of your life.

#1. Birthday

This one’s pretty obvious, right. Ask your loved ones to shout you a skydive for your birthday. Or better yet, shout your mate a surprise skydive for their birthday. Just imagine the look on their face when they realise they can’t make excuses any longer. Priceless! Birthdays are for celebrating life and there’s no better way to do that than by jumping out of an airplane at 16,500 feet.

#2. Mother’s Day/Father’s Day

Are your mum and dad living safe, comfortable lives, counting down the months to retirement? Cool, let’s shake things up a bit. Mums and dads need excitement in their lives, too. So Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are great excuses to book a skydive for them. They might be a bit annoyed at first, but they’ll thank you later. Also, it gives you an excuse to jump with them. I hope you didn’t think you were getting out of that one.

#3. Work Party

Struggling to come up with a cool idea for your end of year work party? The old BBQ and beers followed by Darryl, the self-appointed office DJ, playing his ‘Work Do’ Spotify playlist getting a bit stale? Sounds like the perfect excuse to book the team in for a skydive.

Shared experiences are a great way to boost morale and it’s an epic way to wrap up the year. You can always have a BBQ afterwards.

#4. Valentine’s Day

What better way to show your better half that you love them than by paying to have them thrown out of an airplane? But seriously, a skydive is so much cooler than roses and chocolates. It’s an experience they will remember forever, which also happens to be how long your love will last for if you get them a skydive (can’t 100% guarantee this). After “skydive and thrill” they’ll be extra keen for some “Netflix and chill”.

#5. Bucket List

We meet people all the time who have had skydiving on their bucket list for years and we love making that dream come true. If you’ve got skydiving on your bucket list then that’s the perfect excuse to do it sooner rather than later, right? Because the thing about the bucket is, you never know when you’re going to kick it. So seize the day and make that skydive happen. You won’t regret it.

Bonus Excuse: Just cos!

The reality is, you don’t need an excuse to skydive. Skydiving is an incredible, beautiful, thrilling experience that everyone should do at least once. If it’s something that you’ve always wanted to do, don’t delay and book in with Skydive Abel Tasman today. Life’s meant to be an adventure, so stop making excuses not to do all the amazing things you want to do and get up here – it’s epic!

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